Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"

Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"
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Buck 50


When it comes to showing charisma, motivation, and dedication to your craft, look no further than Buck 50.  As the youngest addition to the IllVision Gang (IVG) movement, Buck 50 has shown the world time and again, that he can hold his own with the best of the them.  Born and raised by his mother & grandmother in Washington, NC, in a somewhat sheltered environment, Buck  50 had to teach himself what it meant to be a man.  Although his household did what they could to remove him from the corrupted environment surrounding him, like most youth in the inner city, he had to explore and understand the harsh realities of the streets on his own and became respect by what the hood calls the "O.G.s".  At 20 years of age, Buck 50 grew up listening to the bravado and machismo of artist like 50 Cent & DMX, and used those influences to hone his superior rap skills in a rather short amount of time.  His flow is diverse, with the ability to hop on uptembo trap beats as well as more gritty and laid back East Coast style tracks, along with making songs that have a huge club impact.  Buck 50 has been striving for perfection from the first time he picked up his pen, and quickly became known in his hometown as a superior force in the local music scene.  Although he sports a very laid back personality, his stage presence is stellar, and he has a wide fan base ranging from hard core street guys to beautiful young ladies.  Buck 50 has the potential to be one of the extreme forces to help bring the North Carolina music scene to the forefront.  

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