Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"

Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"
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Dontavis Albritton, p.k.a. Conspiracy, is a force to be reckoned within the North Carolina hip hop music scene.  Born in Washington, NC, raised in rural Beaufort County NC, Conspiracy grew up in an atmosphere somewhat sheltered from the harsh realities of the streets, at first.  At the young age of 13, Conspiracy was persuaded and influenced to explore his lyrical talents by friends at school who would share their CD players and allow him to hear what was going on in the world of hip hop that he was not necessarily exposed to at home.  He became highly influenced by the artists of the time and quickly caught on to how to construct rhymes of his own, incorporating the word play of Ludacris, the popularity of Nelly, and the ferociousness of he Hotboys and Master P, who all were household names at the time.  He wrote his first rhyme during this period and has not put his pen down since.  As he grew older and started to venture out into the world outside of his rural setting, like a lot of youth, he became exposed and started participating in the life that a lot of his hip hop influences rapped about.  His rap style (southern with a major east coast influence) is based on lyrics, wordplay, and the harsh realities of the underbelly of the Washington, NC urban surroundings that helped to mold him into the man that he is today.  His passion for the craft is exemplified in his music and he strives to become a household name like many of the artists that he grew up listening to.  Having performed at numerous shows and venues throughout the East Coast, Conspiracy has proven that his passion for his craft is unstoppable and genuine.  He has received numerous praises and respect for his most recent Mixtape offering "Mark of The Beast" which displays his knack for creating club ready, introspective, and lyrical tracks for his audience.  Conspiracy, with the assistance of One-9 Ent./AllUs Ent./IllVision, is on track to achieve his dream of becoming a household name, just like the artists that have influenced him over the years.

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