Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"

Ms. Ivy- "Garden Of Ivy"
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Ivy Monae


In an industry dominated by males, few females are able to stand up and hold their own the way Ms. Ivy has demonstrated. Ebony Monae Young p/k/a Ms. Ivy, was born and raised in small town Washington (L-Dub), NC. Like most urban youth, her mother raised her in a single parent household. Due to her father’s frequent prison trips, she was deprived of a consistent positive male influence in her life, leaving only her mother to teach her life lessons of humility, independence and hard work. Ms. Ivy grew up singing in her local church choir at the age of 5, also starring in plays and other community events throughout her childhood and teenage years. The aspiring young rapper/singer says music was always her passion since childhood, stating that she has been rapping since the age of 12, although her first love of music was exemplified through singing.  Her musical influences are Jay Z, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Kanye West and Beyonce. In a recent interview, Ms. Ivy states, “I love different types of beats and making music that people can relate to.  Being the voice for most women through music is what I love to do.” Ms. Ivy was influenced to take her talents seriously upon meeting Derek Simpkins aka Detox and Laurence (L-Real) Doby in the beginning of 2010, where she first had her turn with recording music, and she has exhibited nothing but extreme talent and continued mastery of her craft ever since. With a mean sex appeal to catch the public’s attention, she is most notably gifted with lyrical abilities that even most male MC’s lack and an amazing stage presence that can draw anyone into her poisonous web of charm. In closing, Ms. Ivy states: “There’s ALWAYS room to strive for perfection and I’m not gonna stop until I’m close enough to touch it”.  

Ms. Ivy and Neeno performing live in Raleigh, NC

Ms. Ivy Interview on Soul 92 Jamz

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